Sorry, I can’t answer your question on whether I’m married or single, it’s too personal, popular actress, Tina Amuziam – BY AZUH AMATUS

Tina Amuziam

Despite the fact that top actress Princess Tina

Amuziam started her acting career with NTA in the late

80’s stardom did not beckon on her until she joined

Nollywood in ’96 on the set of Last Hope.


She eventually became a household name and the darling of

movie buffs when she titillated in monster hit movie

Glamour Girls, from the stable of NEK Videos, since

then, the Delta State born star from a royal house has

continued to dictate the pace in Nollywood, when it

comes to flawless acting.


To further raise her stakes in the industry that has

brought her fame and fortune, Amuziam recently veered

into movie-making as a producer with a soon-to-debut

flick titled “Woman of Destiny”.


With the world premiere of her movie already taken

place last Saturday at Flamingo Restaurant, Victoria

Island, Lagos and was well-attended, ecstatic Amuziam,

disclosed that she looks forward to making more

quality movies that would help transform mankind and

the society in general.


In this warm encounter with AZUH AMATUS, the top flight

thespian that had sizzled in over 80

movies, took us down memory lane on how the journey

started, the trials and triumphs.


Princess as she is fondly called, also spoke

passionately about God, men, future goals among other

germane topics.


Enjoy the interaction!


Where have you been, because we have not heard much

from you in recent times?


I’ve been around, though I stepped aside for

sometime, but came back since 2003. And ever since,

I’ve been busy working.


You stepped aside to do what?


To do one or two other things like contracts,

during that period, I also took a trip outside Nigeria

to look around. I went to the U.S. I also left then

because I wasn’t comfortable with what was going on in

the industry, a lot of trash here and there. I

used to run a boutique, called Home De Glamour; I

stopped when my shop was robbed.


The many trashes that made you leave Nollywood

then, are they no longer there?


Truth is that the industry has really been

sanitized to an extent, and then it was really

something else.


Is that part of the reasons you eventually veered

into movie production?


You know I’ve been around in the industry for a

very long time and just decided I should do it the

other way too and see what it is like being a

producer, I’ve always had this dream of going into

production, so I had to pray to God to provide the

funds, at least to an extent to be able to go into it

and finish it the best way and not stopping by the

road side. And to God be the glory I have finally

completed the movie.


Tell us more about the movie


It is titled “Woman of Destiny”, a family

oriented story that is also true life. Won’t say much

about the storyline till it hit shelves after the

world premiere. Notable Nollywod stars in the movie

were Zack Orji, Emeka Enyiocha, Oby Edozieh,

Chinyere Winifred, Obiageli Molube, Thelma Okoduwa, myself  and several others. Ekenna Igwe directed and we shot for

almost two weeks. It was my story.


What were the fond memories while on location?


It was really fun working with a wonderful cast and

crew members. I enjoyed it and saw the other side of

movie-making by being a producer which is not very

easy, but all the same I thank God, I was able to do



How about the major challenges on set?


For me, the biggest challenge on set was the days

we had to shoot into the night, it happened on several

occasions. Then, once-in-a-while, you have one or two

problems with your colleagues on set; all the same,

the challenges were part of the fun.


Like how much was spent shooting this movie?


I spent close to N4million of my personal funds

shooting this movie, mind you; I’ve been planning for

it for a very long time. The world premiere took place

last Saturday at Flamingo Restaurant, Victoria Island,

Lagos, it was well attended. We are still trying to

fix a date for the marketing and distribution



But why did it take you this long to come out with

your own movie?


Well, I’ve been taking my time and did not want to

rush into it. I was actually enjoying what I was doing

as an actress, even though I longed being a producer,

I had to take my time and not a situation where I

would rush into what I don’t know. I like taking my

time and making researches here and there before

venturing into new fields. By the grace of God, I

intend producing more quality movies. In fact, it is

very likely; I would produce another movie by



Your sojourn into Nollywood, how and when did it



My first movie in Nollywood was The Last Hope in

’96, but before then I had been on TV as an actress. I

was at home when my first movie script came to me. I

started professional acting with NTA Tele movies in

1987, here in Lagos. Christain Onu, was my first TV

director. After Tele movies I did Wind of Destiny,

Dreams, Cradle, Blossom and several other TV soaps and

series then.


So, in essence you have abandoned the TV for

Nollywood now?


No, I have not. Currently, I’m on TV working on

Chico Ejiro’s Treasures, only that NTA has not invited

me for any soap recently, if they do, I will gladly

accept, because that was where I started from.


What fond memories do you still relish about your

days at NTA?


A lot (Laughs). I remember being paid about N100.00

(One Hundred Naira) for a lead role in NTA jobs then,

not cash o! They usually give you a CBN Cheque, which

you will now cash at First Bank and also pay your tax

from it. It was really fun then. I also wrote for Food

Basket then on NTA, plenty fond memories that I can’t

begin to recollect now.


Who would you say discovered and nurtured your

acting talent?


I will give it to Christian Onu, any day, anytime.

He discovered me in a Tele movie titled Victim of

Circumstance, where I played the lead.


Were your parents in support of your going into

showbiz then?


Well, they did and I really appreciated their



Between soaps and movies, which do you prefer?


As a professional, I cherish both, even stage, they

all come with their different challenges, but all the

same, I still remember the days on TV, it used to be

fun. But if I’m to choose now, I would pick home

video. It is so because this sector has grown and

artistes earn good money also. We now get star

treatment on set.


In what ways has acting impacted positively on your



Quite a lot of ways. I can go to places not

everybody can walk into because of my face. You are

known and respected because of your famous face, a lot

of people, especially youths look up to you as role

model, a lot of benefits. Again, through my roles,

I’ve impacted positively on my society and healed many

troubled souls.


If you were not acting today, what else would you

have been doing?


Maybe, I would have been a lawyer or a big time

Businesswoman, globetrotting in quest of legit deals.


Like how many flicks have you featured in since you

joined Nollywood?


I’ve done well over 80 quality movies.


And that makes you a millionaire?


If you say so, to God be the glory.


That also means movie-makers are doing enough in

terms of good artiste fees?


I will say yes because artistes now earn good money

from movies, it is a welcome development but it could

be better.


In retrospect, which among your movies would you

say brought you to limelight?


I would say it is Glamour Girls; it was my role of

Jessica in Glamour Girls that made me a household name

in movies. Till date, most people still call me



What are your views about Nollywood?


Truth is that I don’t know where to place Nollywood

right now, it is a fast growing industry, which we are

all proud of, but what I don’t like is the kind of

politics that is currently going on in recent times,

it also reminds me of the type of politics that is

currently going on in the country. They should all

come together and help build Nollywood, for me that is

the way forward. People should remove selfishness from

whatever they are doing and remember they are going

into public offices to serve and not to eat. The cause

of all these is greed and it is tearing our dear

Nollywood apart.


But do you have the intentions of going into public

office in the nearest future?


Well, I would say yes, but have not decided the

level at which I will serve my people. Even this 2007,

my people are still calling me to come and serve them;

I told them the time is not yet ripe. By God’s grace I

will definitely go into politics.


Let’s get personal with you, tell us more about



I’m Princess Tina Amuziam, from a royal home in

Delta State, the fourth in a family of nine. I’m from

Aniocha North LGA.


How old are you?


I’m an adult.


Are you married or still single?


I’m so sorry I can’t answer the question; it is too

personal for me. Aa! Please, I would not like us to

discuss my personal life in this interview again.


Okay, but how do you cope with male admirers as a

beautiful actress?


The point is that you can’t crucify somebody

because he is admiring you; you have to be polite with

them, even though you don’t want to jump at every

admirer that comes your way. I get along with my male

admirers very well and give God glory always for

taking extra time to create me, so I don’t blame

anybody who admires me. I also like making friends

with people who like me. Even as a married woman, if a

guy admires you, you simply tell him thanks and sorry

because you are married and it ends there.


But how do you react when some of these stubborn

admirers take it to the extreme?


If I tell you no and you still persist, that is

your problem because I will ignore you.


What is the secret of your beauty?


I’m flattered. The first secret is that I don’t

live a rough life, I don’t smoke, drink or night

crawl. I also take off time once in a while to rest

and very, very close to my God. For me, these are the



How close are you to your God?


Very, very close, in fact, I’m a Catholic and would

soon open a ministry for women. I have a mandate to

relate with women and discuss God with them, for me,

it is a burden.


What motivates you?


I will still say God, because in whatever you do in

this life, if you don’t have God, you are a failure,

that’s the truth. I relate to my God all the time. He

directs me, if I wake up in the morning I talk to Him,

bed time, He also directs me. He actually motivates

and inspires me every day.


How do you want to be remembered when you are no

longer acting?


Like I told you earlier about my ministry, I want

God to use me to reach the women and children, that is the

first thing I want to be remembered for. I also pray

to God every day of my life to enrich my coast, so that

I can reach out to people. You see a lot of people are

suffering and I can’t stand people problems and I

think that’s what God created me for, but I have not

had enough to reach out to people the way I want. I

want to run a charity home that would take care of the

less privileged so that tomorrow when I’m gone, they

would still remember me for something special. You saw

what happened when Bimbo Odukoya died, youths were

crying, in fact, everybody was crying. Wherever she is

today with God and hears the cries of her loved ones,

she would be happy, because she lived a fulfilled



Do you have regrets in life?


My only regret is that I’m too kind and people take

advantage of it, but on a second thought, I have

learnt not to regret it because I feel that is how God

wants it.


What makes you cry?


What makes me cry? I’m not rich and not from a rich

home, but thank God, I’m comfortable. So when I see

some people go through some rough times, which I feel

they should not go through because of money, I cry, in

order words, other people’s problems makes me cry.


Then that you were new in Nollywood, did you

encounter any form of sexual harassment from randy



No. I never encountered it, in fact, there wasn’t

anything like it. Till date, nobody has ever harassed



But you are aware it is rampant these days?


Yes, I’m aware it is rampant but not only on the

male side, our girls are rotten. When a girl dresses

half nude, what do you expect the man to do? Bodi no

be wood o! Our girls should be cultured, we should not

imitate America, and this is Nigeria. Our tradition

and culture do not allow these things, so if you go

seduce a guy, he will react.


You recently won an award, tell us more about it?


This award means so much to me and also remains my

best even though I have won so many within and outside

Nigeria. It is so because it came from my own people.

You know they said a prophet is not recognized in his

country, my case is not like that, my own people

appreciates me and what I’m doing, it’s rare. When I

got the I.V for the award, I was dazed and could not

believe my eyes. I’m very happy and grateful to my

people for honouring and believing in me. If my people

can recognize and appreciate what I’m doing glory be

to God, it also means the sky is my beginning point.


When your movie finally hits shelves nationwide,

what core message do you intend passing to Nigerians

through it?


The movie is a thrilling story that people will

learn a lot from the moment it comes out, especially

the men, they should not be in a hurry when it comes

to taking family decisions. They should also realize

that anything that happens in one’s life God has a hand

in it. My movie also teaches people to keep their

hands clean.


How soon is your women ministry kicking-off?


Very, very soon but I’m not in a haste to commence.


Are you going to completely abandon acting for the



Let’s wait till the time comes, but no matter what

acting remains my first love.


What are your future plans?


Starting and consolidating on my women ministry,

helping the less privileged through my charity home

and also helping to shape the society through my

movies. Above-all, I want to be closer to my God and

help win souls for him through my good deeds.


In a sentence, describe your movie for us?


Woman of Destiny is a great movie which every

family must own a copy, a collector’s item.



First published, August 2006


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