My church summoned, told me to quit acting, sexy actress, Queen Blessing Ebigieson – By AZUH AMATUS

Queen Blessing Ebigieson

Sultry actress Queen Ebigieson had one major wish on

her mind in 2000, when she first walked into

Nollywood, and that was to be a household name within

the shortest period of time and affect lives

positively through her movies.


And fortunately, the mother of one, who quietly

married the man of her dreams in 2005, is gradually

actualizing that dream in Tinsel town.


With over 15 hit movies to her credit, the role

interpreter, from Okpella, Edo State is fast becoming

the darling of movie buffs, who are steadily helping

to increase her fans base.


In fact, her exploits in that blockbuster titled

Pretty Angels, is still being applauded by pundits and

critics alike.


Vivacious Ebigieson, also a model is very optimistic,

she would hit the international run-ways soon and

further hoist the Nigerian flag higher alongside her



In this no- holds -barred interview with AZUH AMAUS, Ebigieson who has

been out of circulation for more than a year in

Nollywood, spoke on her whereabouts.


Sensationally too, she opened up on how she met, fell

in love and finally said “I do” to her darling


She also spoke on life within and outside the

klieg lights, among other germane issues.


Enjoy the interaction!


The year is still fresh, so what’s been happening

to you?


Not much and you also know I just had a baby boy,

so I’m gradually taking my time but I just got back

from Abuja, where I went to shoot a movie. A new movie

tentatively titled The Devil’s Advocate.


Is the birth of your baby responsible for your long

absence in Nollywood?


Well, I won’t really accept that, but I love my son

very well and if I start taking jobs, I won’t have

enough time for him. And come to think of it, his

father, my husband is very well to do and has given me

everything I asked for, so why would I stress myself

and the baby. At least, I want to give the baby and me

one year break before bouncing back. I accepted this

new job because of so much pressure.


So, how old is your bundle of joy now?


I had him on March 6, 2006 at St. Nicholas, here in



How come most of your colleagues never knew you

were pregnant then?


Well, my husband and I thought it was best for us

to hide and not to make it public, due to some

personal reasons. I deliberately kept out of scene,

especially in Nollywood.


As a young lady, how has it been coping with

motherhood and its attendant challenges?


Oh! Sincerely, I can’t find words to express it;

it’s been very sweet and has also made me a complete

woman. I’m also happy being married to the father of

my baby boy. I’m now Mrs. Okosun, since 2005.


And how is married life treating you?


Well, well it is not a bed roses, it has its ups

and down, but mine has been wonderful. I’m married to

an understanding man, who has also shown me so much

love. A man, who I also believe will always stand by

  1. Even when he offends me, I forgive because of the

love and his son and when I offend him, it is also

vice versa.


What got you attracted to him?


From the onset, I’ve always prayed to settle down

with an elderly man, at least, ten years older than

me, but God over answered my silent prayers by giving

me a man that is twenty something years older than me

and that gives me extra joy. He treats me like his

daughter, wife, sister, mother, in fact, everything. I

think we understand each other.


How old are you?


I will be 25 this April, while my husband

celebrated his 46 birthday, last year.


Tell us more about this your doting husband


He’s Chief Johnny Okosun, a Prince from a royal

family in Edo State, just like me, also an

international businessman with investments here and

there. He is also the publisher of Reality magazine, a

nice, loving and quiet gentleman.


And how are you people planning for the Valentine,

any special treat?


For us, everyday is Valentine, especially when I’m

with him. We are going to celebrate it like every

other day. But after that, I will be jetting out with

my son to further relax before his forthcoming first



Is he very comfortable with your life as an



I should think he is comfortable because he has not

complained and as a married woman, I tell him before

accepting any script these days. And after going

through with me, any one he says no, I drop without

arguing. I’m of the view that a woman should always

obey her husband.


What if tomorrow, he tells you to quit

acting/modelling, would you obey?


Yes, I will obey him 100%, because I love him very

much. Wherever he wants me to stay, is where I will



In 2005, you were among the finalists in Miss

Gateway Games, what was the experience like?


It was a lovely outing and experience for me. Even

though, I did not win the crown, I won Miss

Congeniality at the event. It was also fun and

memorable because immediately after the pageant, I got

married. In fact, I was already pregnant during the



Is your husband romantic?


Yes, he is very romantic, loving, caring and



And what are the romantic stuffs he does that

usually tantalizes your heart and soul?


Most of them are very personal to the two of us,

but I would reveal a little. I like the way he talks

and looks at me, they trip me a lot. Again, because I

believe and know he is my dream man, whatever he says

is sweet and romantic to me. He usually calls me

“baby” and that is very romantic.


After the birth of your baby, how many movies have

you featured in?


Just two movies and a very big show held at the

Niteshift Coliseum, I was the official face, it was

called Fun Potpourri.


Now that you’re married, are we still going to see

more of you as a model?


Yeah, only that I will select the kind of jobs I do

now, no more hot or skimpy jobs because I’m married to

a high chief from Opoji.


There is this general view that most marriages in

Nollywood don’t last, what efforts are you making to

ensure yours stays forever?


I believe in God and also know that it was God that

destined this marriage and we also leave the rest to

God, it will definitely last. I’m married and will

definitely stay married.


Now that you’re married, do men still disturb you

like they used to in the past?


The truth is that they still do, and I believe they

have the right to do that, and I also have the 100%

right to tell them no; because I’m hooked for life to

the man that means the world to me. When they stop me,

I usually let them know I’m happily married with a son

without being rude. And before they start saying

anything, I’m gone, because most women get carried

away with what they hear.


As a Mrs., can you still act deep romantic roles in

movies again?


Playing romantic role depends, even before I got

married, I had never really kissed in my movies and it

was not as if I’m against it, but God never brought

such roles my way, now that I’m married, I still want

the status to remain.


When did you breeze into Nollywood and which was

your first movie?


I came in 2000 and one of my earliest movies was

Lost Love. I came into Nollywood in a very funny way.

I came in while still schooling in faraway Niger

state. I remember picking the movie jacket of a movie

from the stable of OJ Productions and put a call to

them from a phone number, I saw on the jacket, got a

favourable response and like they say, the rest is now

history. I eventually came down to Lagos fully after

my OND in Mass communication at the federal

Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State.


And how has the challenges been since then?


It has been very, very challenging. As a new

artiste then, the major challenge was moving from one

audition venue to another and most times from 10am to

4pm, your name will not be on the list. It was really

frustrating them but I refused to give up because of

my passion for the industry. It was a stressful and

challenging but thank God, I never gave up.


Were your parents and siblings in total support of

your coming to Nollywood?


My dad never had a problem with it but my mum did

based on her religions inclinations. As a Deeper Life

member and worker in the church, they summoned us and

told me to stop acting, or else my mum would be

removed from her position, but I stood my ground and

said no and today, it has paid off. Due to pressures,

my mum eventually left the church.


Did you encounter any form of sexual harassments

from moviemakers, when you newly came in?


Not at all. But you see, it’s a free world and I’m

a pretty woman, so a lot of my colleagues asked me out

without intimidation.


Did you date any of your colleagues?


No! I never dated any of my colleagues. I only have

them as pals.


What has kept you going all these while in

Nollywood, considering its unstable nature?


I love acting and showbiz with a passion and it is

also my life. And because it is what I enjoy doing

with a passion, it has continually kept me going.


But as a child growing up, what was it that you

dreamt of doing professionally.


As a child growing, I dreamt of being seen on the

TV and that led to my going to read Mass Communication

I want to go back to school soon and have a complete

degree. I can never abandon acting for mass



What part of your body, do you consider the



I know I have hot legs and sexy eyes and I used to

flaunt them a lot as a spinster.


But for your hubby, what part of your body trips

him most?


Hmmh! He loves my eyes, boobs and legs with a

passion. He also loves the colour of my skin.


What major wish would you make for tomorrow?


Major wish for tomorrow? I pray and wish my husband

remains with me for life.


What are your mission and vision in Nollywood?


To be recognized both locally and on the foreign

scene, affect lives through my movies and maybe set up

a movie related NGO in the nearest future.


What is happening to your earlier plan of going

into movie production?


It is still on, probably after the birthday of my

son-Prince Gods time Osagie Okosun, we would commence

shoot, and we are strategizing.


What are some of your major movies and which

actually made you a household name?


Some of my spectacular movies are Moment of Joy,

Back-to-Back, Sweet Love and Pretty Angels; it was the

movie that brought me out.


At some points, you made waves with Super Story,

how was the experience like?


A:    It was fun and lovely. I was in One Bad Apple and

This Life. One remarkable thing about them is that

everybody is treated equally. I’m looking forward to

working with them again this 2007.


As a model also, how has it been in that terrain?


It has been fun also, but, since I got married and

had my baby, my modelling career has gone down

drastically. I started acting before going into

modelling. But acting remains the best for me because

even if tomorrow I grow out of shape, I can still act

but not model.


What would you say is the greatest thing acting has

done for you?


It gave me the publicity and leverage that I have

always wanted. It has also enabled me pay my bills

legally till I met my husband. And without acting, I

would not have come to Lagos to meet and marry my



What stands you out as a starlet in Nollywood?


My personality and dignity, which I always protect

and guard jealously stands me out.


Prior to meeting your hubby, has your heart ever

been broken by men?


I don’t believe any man can break my heart. If

you’re in an affair that is not moving well, you have

the right to quit.


What breaks you down or makes you cry?


As a married woman, I cry when I miss my husband or

get him really upset.


In the next couple of years, where do you want to



in the next couple of years, I want to be a very

big star, a respected mother and a respected wife like

Joke Silva.


Now that you’re married, are there things you are



Well, the only thing I miss, is hanging out with my

pals and it is not because of marriage, but my son, I

don’t like being away from him.


And how has it been also, juggling motherhood with



it’s been pretty difficult but I’m trying to cope…


Since your arrival, like how many movies have you



I have done about 15 quality movies and still hope

to do more.


What is your family background like?


We are from Okpella, Edo State. I’m the first

daughter in a family of six, four boys and two girls.

I grew up in the North and Middle Belt Area.



First published, February 2007



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