I feel fulfilled nurturing and supporting young talents, entertainment guru, Kingsley Ogoro – By AZUH AMATUS 

Kingsley Ogoro

Multiple awards winning music/movie producer cum director, Kingsley Eloho Ogoro recently did a music comedy collaboration with some A-list Nollywood stars such as Ramsey Noah, Segun Arinze, Nkem Owoh and rising singer, Angelica.


The wave-making album titled “Na Wetin, Osuofia Don Come”, is Ogoro’s bold return to music.


With this bold effort, he has firmly re-established himself as the authentic grandmaster responsible for past hits like Blackky’s “Rosie”, Esse Agesse’s ‘’Bendel Girl’’ and many others.


Sir K, as he is fondly called, spoke passionately with AZUH AMATUS, on his latest project, which is also enjoying lots of airplays and reviews.


The soft-spoken and legendary entertainment guru from Delta State, also hinted us about his other plans and prospects for the Nigerian showbiz industry.


Enjoy the interaction!


Sir K, you started with the music industry, and later moved to movies, now you’re back to music. Does that mean you’ve abandoned movie making?


No. Someone asked me recently, maybe, a pressman that one day he’s going to see me on a spaceship. He said I never stay in one place. Basically, it is a passion, you get bored after a while but the idea is no more movies for now. But I’m going back. I have a couple of films down, “Across the Niger” is still there, and “The Widow is still there.  I’m going to go back to them soon but right now I just thought I’d give my own contribution to the music industry. Now that I have been able to master the use of the Protus studio…



After so many years of absence in the music industry, you are finally back with Na Wetin, which is currently making waves. Why the sudden re-appearance?


Na Wetin man go do? Actually, it is a combination of so many things. First of all, I had a lot of young musician coming up to meet me and they needed assistance in terms of music production and a lot of them have been up to it that they wanted me to come back and give them the inspiration and motivation they needed. So I acquired a new Protus HD suite and I went to master the use of the suite. It is the suite that most people abroad use for music, Beyonce, Michael Jackson and the rest of them, and the first of its kind in Nigeria. So I asked what was the best way of making use of this equipment. And I said let me create something useless and the first thing I said was let me do something that is not conventional. When I was working in the studio, my friends, Sammy Okposo, Albert Kalu and Iyke Ama, they were with me in the studio and I said let’s do something crazy. I don’t want anything usual. And I said, “Na wetin dem dey take dey cook? “ Sammy said lets jam something .In 30 minutes, “Na Wetin” came out. And when we were trying to mix the sounds together, my marketer, the same guy that marketed Osuofia in London, Ulzee, walked into the studio and said “This music, we go fit sell am o, let’s try it out” and at least it would be a motivation to people that we are still there and we can do it. So I said, let us add some more tracks, two tracks at least. So, we came out with “Agege bread,” “London Bridge”, and we now decided to film the maiden album to be based on the sound track of “Osuofia in London”. That was the basic idea of what we did and after we finished the music we now decided to do the music video. That particular point in time, I was not sure what angle I was going to use especially the fact that I had done a rap and I had taken in such pain doing the rap because I’m not used to it. In fact, the last time I rapped was like 20 something years ago. So, Sammy said “Sir K, you fit do am now, take your video.  No worry we’ll back you. So I decided to try the video. Ramsey was around and Segun too was around. I said okay, “Segun are you ready? Ramsey are you ready? Let’s go” And we shot the video then and said “there’s time to go here,” since we’re not doing anything serious, let’s look for a thing that all Nigerian’s know, a thing that is happening right now. People are going to bukas to eat and then washing and fighting themselves. We worked on it and that was the whole idea. The video is out now and making waves. Let me tell you one funny thing that happened. The other day, Segun and I were about entering a car. Some kids started waving and shouting “hey hey”. I said to Segun Arinze,” you’re still on o! These kids are really hailing you. As soon as we drove the car and got closer to the kids, they started shouting “Uncle Sir K”. So that’s the problem I have now. Who’s going to perform this song? I did this for fun. Not because I wanted to become a musician just for fun and to test out my new suite.


How does it feel coming back to the mainstream of action after so many years of being in the background?


Definitely, music, anytime soothes pain, music anytime is more emotional. Film is a creative process but music, apart from it being a creative process is also an emotional thing that when you play music, you move from one world to another. You enter a trance. So music is a different thing entirely, now that I’m back into the music industry, you know when you see my films, the music they use are well treated. But now that I’ve come back to music, I realised I’ve lost something. All my guys from Blackky, all of them have been saying, Sir Kay you’re back. That’s what we want so we can come back to you for that assurance you used to give us. So, they are all celebrating. One other thing I’ve decided to do may be because I’ve been blessed and I’m lucky that everything I touch creatively has been blessed. So I’m dedicated this album to youths-up and coming ones. What I want to do now-I’ve spoken to Charly Boy about it. I want to open a studio and finance it for PMAN for these up and coming musicians to come up. I’ve already ordered the equipment. So PMAN and I, Charly Boy and I are working on something…


I saw an array of Nollywood stars. How were you able to assemble them for this big project titled “Na Wetin”?


Na wa o! I couldn’t find all of them. Nkem Owoh, was in the song “Agege Bread,” it was telling a story of when he was in London. What he went through trying to get Agege Bread. Somewhere along the line, someone called me and said: “Sir Kay, you know what, invite them and say you want to have a small meeting and that you are not ready to shoot. I invited them and I made sure that there was a lot of beer. By the time they finished, they were all tipsy and I said bring the camera let’s shoot and if you look at the video, you’ll see that it was rough, we were all tipsy.

It’s all over the continent. The video is already playing on MTV base and all that. It is also on the Y’ello chart and all that. Surprisingly because that wasn’t my plan but I hope that this would ginger a lot of up and coming ones to know that it doesn’t take much just that you must have rare talent and don’t think about money, think about “I can do it” “I can be the best in the world” and go for it and I would swear right now that any artist that has that capability, I’m going to support him by myself. I’m going to give him full support.



Will recording be free of charge for new artistes?


Yes, entirely free of charge. If they are up to a point I can accept, I’ll send them up to my label.


How soon is it going to happen?


I’ve already gotten the equipment, very soon you’ll be hearing about it. Definitely this year. Within the next few months.


Talking about this album, is it already enjoying enough air play?


(Cuts in) You already know about my ambition in the entertainment industry. It is not finance. Mine is a passionate one, but also to use my creativity for-this country. I used the word, nation building, when I was doing “Across the Niger. I’m helping youths, it is still nation building.

So I’m determined to do that. A lot of youths have been sending me emails and texts. I have always   told them that I’m working on a package because this is a package…


(Cuts in) So I should go out and tell them?


Yes. Go out and tell them that they’ll soon start smiling. They would be working free of charge in collaboration with Kingsley Ogoro Studios. A full-fledged studio and inform PMAN on behalf of these up and coming ones. So that they can have the opportunity, a lot of other people don’t have because they don’t have the money.


            This album, has it entered the market commercially?


We’ve been enjoying airplay, but commercially, it is going to be out this July, under Ulzee Music.



(Cuts in) Are you going to use this Protus studio in Nigeria?


Yes of course. When you listen to the technical quality, you’ll now find out that people like Segun Arinze are coming out with their album on same equipment. You can imagine the kind of power that’ll come from the album. Like Amah is also coming with his own album.  So we go through the same process and have a standard that we’ve created that they won’t go below. So, you see my friends that are coming out and they are all thick. That’s the whole idea behind it.


            Why the title, “Na Wetin”?


Well, I’ve read some write-ups here and there that “Na Wetin” was asking some questions into some domestic issues but surprisingly it’s not true. It’s got to do with’ asking the ladies over there that “Na Wetin them dey take cook wey all una bukas jus dey full, abi na something you wash put inside? “That’s the idea.


As a role model, what words of advice do you have for Nigerian youths?


I love Nigeria and our vision is to use creativity for nation building. I think that all Nigerian youths and entertainers should adopt that principle. Money will naturally come. Just do your best and leave the rest.


When is Across The Niger” hitting shelves, nationwide?


Well, “Across the Niger” will come out very soon. We’re working on a package so that Nigerians will get it very cheap, cheaper than most Nigerian works. We are working on something very big. Something that would make Nigerians see home videos the way it should be seen at the right price and right situation.



Like how many tracks do you have on this album?


The album has like 11-12 tracks. What we have now is the singles. We have just two tracks, but into the dub mix, Agege bread, the club mix, and all that. You have other tracks like London Bridge, etc.


So, it is more of a comic album?


Yes, it is but I’m not a musician. I’m not trying to become Tuface or Sunny Neji or  Segun Arinze but I’m just doing something that’ll create attention so that they’ll  know Sir Kay still dey.


How does it feel to be referred to as the Quincy Jones of Nigerian music industry?


Well, I feel good especially that my boys I brought up still acknowledge the fact that I’m still the Capone and I love them so much. I love Segun Arinze, I love Cage, Iyke, Albert, Angelica, Sammy and all of them. By the way that one (Angelica) is new and first artiste on my label…


(Cuts in) Do you have a label?




How soon is it going to be open for musicians?


Don’t worry. I’ll write you when we are set for the opening. She is going to be first artiste on my label and she’s going to come out with the reply of “Na Wetin them dey take dey cook”. She’s the lady leading the rap in the music video that you saw.





First published, July 2005.

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