Qualities that got me attracted to my wife, super star actor, Chinedu Ikedieze – By AZUH AMATUS

Chinedu Ikedieze and wife, Nneoma

 In this interview ‘’freshly married,’’ super star actor, Chinedu Ikedieze famously known as Aki, spoke exclusively with AZUH AMATUS about his darling wife, Nneoma, their star-studded traditional marriage, future plans, forthcoming white wedding, qualities that got him attracted to her among other germane issues.

Enjoy the interaction!


 Congratulations on your successful wedding.

Thank you my brother for finding time to come to Mbano on my behalf.

With the massive crowd that attended your wedding, how does that make you feel?

Sincerely, I was totally overwhelmed because while preparing, I never expected such a huge crowd alongside the calibre of people that also turned out, what I saw at my wedding was beyond words, in fact, I’m still speechless.

How did your wife feel and react when she saw the crowd at her wedding?

What happened has come to her realization that she married a celebrity.

 Was that why she married you?

No, but what happened at the wedding venue further made her realize her husband is a true public figure. I believed the whole thing further changed her opinion about whom she married.

Talking about Nneoma, your delectable wife, what qualities got you attracted to her?

There are wives and there are wives, also there are friends and there are friends. It is easy to have a girlfriend and enjoy yourself and have fun. But I have found out that when you want to settle down you must do that with somebody that will and must make you happy always. Nneoma makes me happy always.  When I met her in 2008, it was not quite easy, but I first saw her in 2005 in Lagos, on the mainland. She visited the production where I was working; she was still in school then as an undergraduate. From there, we became casual friends until that 2008 when we decided to move the friendship to the next level and by the grace of God, this is the result.

How and where did you propose to her?

The proposal was quite funny and different. It was like a fairytale and totally different from the usual thing people do.

What did you do at the proposal; kindly explain it better to us?

This is one secret I want to keep to myself till further notice, I am sorry about that, it was just between us and not meant for the public.

Now that you are married how many kids are we looking at?

We are looking at three at least, between two and three kids.

How soon do you and your wife want to start making babies?

We don’t create babies, we plan it and then, God creates it.

        Where are you taking madam for honeymoon?

We have like five places in mind, the Bahamas, Qatar, Mauritius, Caribbean Islands and one or two other places we are still considering.

What other qualities got you attracted to her?

She is someone that you could easily predict. She does not pretend. Whenever she is happy or sad, you will know, and I love it that way. I don’t like pretenders, she is also a good cook and serves me the best meal, I enjoy her delicacies a lot.

        What did she say she treasures most about you?

She loves Chinedu Ikedieze in totality.

When you told your parents you were going to get married what were their initial reactions?

They were so happy, because six/seven years ago it was already in the news that I was married. But my parents knew it was all lies. They love and trust me always.

How about your in-laws, how did they react at the initial stage?

In fact, before I decided to marry, I got closer to God and went into prayers. Let me tell you the truth, if you want to do anything with a woman and you are not closer to God, you will be in crisis. You need like seven days fasting and prayer in order to get to God, not only for a wife, whenever I need something from God. After praying and fasting, I knew that Nneoma is the woman for me. The parents were happy when my wife called and told them she had accepted my proposal to marry her. They also prayed for us and advised her.

         Before her call, were you scared of rejection?

No! Because when God says yes, nobody can say no. and mind you I had already prayed and God told me to go ahead.

Between Friday and Saturday, which was the wedding day, what was going through your mind?

I just wanted everything about my wedding to come and go peacefully and successfully. The pressure and stress were much on me. And thank God the whole thing was successful.

You have tasted marriage for over 24 hours now, how is the experience like?

Is it up to 24 hours already? In fact, when I woke up beside my wife this morning, I was smiling. I felt and still feeling happy because it’s a wonderful thing to be married. I love the Bible passage that says: “He who finds a wife finds a good thing”. When I woke up this morning and found my wife, I smiled because I knew I have found a good thing.

What are the plans for December 10, the day set aside for your white wedding in Lagos?

It is going to be a very quiet and private thing, unlike the traditional which was very elaborate. It is going to be a family affair.

You read mass communication and your wife also did, was it planned or just a coincidence?

It was not planned, it was just a coincidence even if she read Igbo, I would have still gone ahead to marry her. I also want to specially thank my Governor T. A. Orji and his wife who flew straight from France to attend my wedding. I also want to thank all those that deemed it fit to honour us from far and wide, especially my colleagues.

They said your Governor gave you N20 million for your wedding?

No, he gave me N200 million not only N20 Million. My Governor supported me in all ramifications and we are really grateful but I won’t make public the amount of money he gave me.

        Describe your wife for us in a sentence?

Nneoma is a wife, she is a wife


A lot of people are speculating and insinuating that Nneoma is just after your wealth and fame, do you agree or disagree?

Well, they will always say that, but let me tell you the truth, whosoever that propagates such lie does not accommodate good things. When you begin to wind your mind, memory on something that is abstract, that means you’ll end up becoming irresponsible.

Is Osita going to be your best man for the white wedding?

Ossy has always been my best man not because of the wedding but because he has always been there for me. He is a man.

Now that you are married what should your fans expect from you and your career?

I have always believed in a brighter future and God has been merciful and kind to me. I have a lot up my sleeves. I have endorsements coming up and would start shooting by January. I have a lot for 2012, including three Igbo movies that my outfit will produce. Even Aki and Pawpaw Entertainment is planning big for 2012. My fans should watch out for a new Chinedu Ikedieze in 2012 and beyond.


First published, November 2011


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